You just know nobody is reblogging this for the dog

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Jared bringing Jensen coffee in the mornings

Jared giving Jensen random hugs during the day to annoy him/make him happier

Jared doing silly things just to make him laugh

Jared calling Jensen randomly when they are not together

Jared reading Jensen’s mood easily and comforting him

Jared sharing his candy with Jensen

Jared taking over when Jensen gets nervous

Jared always being there for Jensen to count upon (◕‿◕✿)

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Supernatural Season 10 - HUGE Spoilers ahead - Jared Padalecki Interview



TV Fanatic: At the start of the news season, are we seeing a different Sam? In some ways we’re finding him in a different place we haven’t seen him before, which is pretty good for season 10.

Jared Padalecki: Dean is certainly the more different of the two but Sam’s almost different in that he’s not finally soulless or angel, so we get to see the Sam that the fans love and that I love. The Sam that wants to find his brother.

So, we start out a couple months after the finale. Sam went back to the room and Dean, his dead brother who was in the room in a locked bunker, was gone. Since Sam didn’t see the episode he didn’t realize that Crowley took him. So Sam is now like ‘what the f**k? I’ve got to find my brother! What just happened?’ He is the Sam I love, which is the Sam on the hunt to find his brother. He knows something’s wrong. He has his suspicions. That’s the Sam we start out.

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